Boot Camp 2016

Are you ready to boot camp? I’ll take you through 4 weeks of 1 hour training sessions outside in the sun, designed to build back the fitness you know you’ve lost over the holidays. Each week is progressively harder as the participants improve. You don’t need any particular fitness level or experience. Activities are timed, so each participant does as much as they can in the time limit given. In this way everyone goes at their own intensity and gets as much as they can out of the exercises.

Boot Camp is 4 weeks of intense outdoor fitness training for senior students. It’s hot. It’s painful. It’s character building.

Unlike normal classes, most of the exercises are group oriented. You will be part of a small team supporting and encouraging each other through the activities. It’s fantastic motivation and a great way to get to know your fellow students and share your strengths and weaknesses. Fitness and team building all in one.

If you can’t make all 4 weeks, come to as many as you can. Even one session is better than none. Those who make it through all 4 sessions end up with an absolute insane level of fitness and mental discipline and it’s worth the effort to stick with it. You’ll be glad you went.

We’ve had 40+ temperatures, we’ve had bush fires, we’ve had rain and thunderstorms. Boot Camp doesn’t stop for nature.

Zanshin Boot Camp 2016

John Knight Park
Saturdays 9-31st January
4pm – 5pm
Normal training fees apply

Bring a hat (a zantastic hat if you have one) and sunscreen, wear comfortable light clothes and good sports shoes. No uniforms or belts required. Bring a water bottle as well.

Outdoor training at Calwell

We are running an outdoor training session at St Francis of Assisi Primary School in Calwell this Monday 15th December at 6:30pm for Juniors and 7:30pm for Seniors.  If you would like to come along in your Zanshin Uniform and participate we will be meeting up on the school oval, all students are welcome.  Make sure to wear good sports shoes. It’s a great way to finish off the last training session of the year.